4 Reasons to have an Online Video Profile

No matter how much written content and photos you have on your website, they can’t convey as much about you and your services as a video profile.

Our Online Profile is a short 1- to 1.5-minute video featuring owners, staff and customers in a “real” documentary style format.

The Age of YouTube and Reality Television
While the idea of using video as a marketing tool is not new, in the age of YouTube and Reality Television most people are now accustomed to seeing ordinary people talk about themselves — sharing their knowledge and expertise, or creating their own ”reality TV” show. The benefit of these self-promotions is that potential customers get to hear from you — the business owner.

Doing Business with  People You Know
An Online Video Profile Video helps customers to feel like they know you, even before they’ve met you! If they like you on video, they’ll  probably like you in person. People prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. Video can go a long way toward building those qualities into your relationship with virtual strangers.

Yellow Pages No More
Long gone are the days of the yellow pages. Your customers likely go straight to the Internet to find you and to learn more about you, all before calling you.

Be Yourself
Your online profile will help distinguish you from your competitors and build a local presence, just by being yourself. A promotional video is great for nearly any type of business owner; lawyers, accountants, web designers, physicians, realtors, dentists, mechanics, restaurant owners, contractors, just to name a few.

And keep in mind that maintaining the momentum with new, helpful videos will leave your target market wanting for more.