Get YouTube to Recommend Your Video

Most of the viewership on YouTube is driven through the “suggested videos” column on YouTube watched pages. This is important to know when developing a YouTube channel for video production with your Toronto based company. In the video production and marketing realm, dominating this section can drive massive viewership and ensure your audience is not lured away to someone else’s video channel. However, dominating the suggested videos column is not easy. It starts with creating great content and is accelerated by proper programming and attaining an engaged audience. The YouTube suggested videos column is made up of three categories:

1) Suggested videos are the 4 videos featured from the creator and are selected by the YouTube algorithm
2) Related videos are other videos that are similar to yours
3) Recommended videos are based on the viewer’s YouTube viewing history

To determine where they will list each video, YouTube uses metrics such as “watch time”, relevancy, viewership history, and engagement. After creating quality engaging video content, there are a number of ways to influence these metrics and dominate the suggested videos column. Here are four essentials for dominating this column:

1. Encourage “Engagement Actions”

YouTube’s algorithms look favourably on videos with lots of likes, dislikes and comments. YouTube has stated that it utilizes comments as a form of metadata around video production. Encourage comments from your viewers by replying to many of your viewers’ comments, but also by posting your own questions with each video. Post a question in the comment section whenever you post a video. This will generate more comments which will influence the keyword algorithm into moving your videos up the list.

2. Optimize YouTube Video Titles

The first step in generating watch time is to get someone to click on and view your videos. But in addition to that, titles are used by YouTube as a main source of metadata. The title shows the YouTube algorithm how all your videos are relevant to each other in your channel which can also aide in optimization and in your videos making it to the suggested videos column. When developing your video title, always remember to include the following:

– The name of your show
– The number of the episode
– The name of the channel

For some additional information, click on this link:

3. Optimize Descriptions, Tags and Closed Captions

Descriptions, tags and closed captions are all vital aspects of your metadata and will also dictate whether your videos make it into the suggested videos column or not. Here are some important guidelines for maximizing this metadata:

– Descriptions should be a minimum of 3 sentences and placed at the top of the description section
– Using the default tool in Youtube, always include a generic 3 – 5 sentence description of your show and channel at the bottom of the description
– Descriptions & Tags should focus on one primary keyword
– Limit the number of tags to 12, focusing on your primary keyword

4. Upload Compelling Custom Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails are one of the most important essentials in getting someone to click on your videos. The thumbnail is the first image anyone sees of your video and gives the first impression. Many marketers of video production in Toronto still fail to take advantage of this feature.

A custom thumbnail image that properly represents your video, your channel message and your brand is extremely important. Toronto companies should follow these basic guidelines: when creating optimized thumbnails.

Extra Step: Scheduling

An extra step is to communicate your schedule. If your audience knows when you’ll be posting new videos, they’ll keep coming back to tune in.


These tips are only a part of your overall programming and audience development strategy. Although video SEO on YouTube is not an exact science, by following these tips, you’ll be launched in the right direction. Remember, you’ll need to stick with it to see results. If you continue on in this direction, the Youtube presence of your Toronto company will begin to grow and flourish. Remember that the cornerstone to any successful video production campaign in Toronto is quality content. Without quality content, all of the steps listed above are null and void. Always hire a professional video production company (there are many here in Toronto) to create your video production content.