Online video is the business card of the 21st century

As  Canadian businesses shift more of their attention online, it’s more important  than ever to understand the key trends being seen across the internet.

10  Online Video Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know

  1. According to ComScore, Canada continues to lead the world in online engagement,  with visitors spending an average 45 hours per month online, representing a  fertile ground for digital marketers and advertisers.
  2. 181 million US internet users watched nearly 40 billion online videos in  January 2012
  3. Smartphone penetration has reached 45% in Canada. Mobile content and online  videos are finding new followers from the corporate world.According  to Forbes Insights: “59% of executives prefer to watch video over reading text.  Younger executives in particular appear more inclined not only to view video,  but also to share it over the business-oriented “social” web. Their growing  influence is likely to make business-related video even more prevalent in the coming  years.”
  4. Nearly 85% of the internet audience viewed online video.
  5. 90% of shoppers find video useful when purchasing.
  6. People who view an engaging online video are 64% more likely to buy or explore  the brand.
  7. Video traffic on mobile devices is now 50% of wireless network traffic.
  8. People using mobile devices – such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad –  view online videos two and a half times longer than desktop users.
  9. In a keynote address at CES in January, YouTube’s VP of Global Content, Robert  Kyncl, predicted that video would soon be 90% of internet traffic.
  10. More videos are uploaded in 60 days than the three major US networks (ABC, CBS,  NBC) produced in 60 years

If  90% of all internet traffic will be for video – will people really bother with  a website without video? Companies that don’t embrace video are at risk of  being left behind.

Online  video is no longer “the future”.  Online  video is here and it’s the newly accepted norm.