In Short … Keep it Short!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our  clients is: How long should my corporate video be?

There is no magic answer. Ten minutes in real life usually  flashes by like a nano-second, but ten minutes on video can seem like an  eternity, no matter the subject. In our experience a standard length for your average video production should be 2 to 3 minutes. That’s all. Better to have easily digested chunks of information stacked on a web page in multiple 1 to 2 minute video segments, than to have one 10-minute video that is not watched to the end. Few decision makers will have the time to watch an 8 to 10 minute video about your company.

Keys to a successful 3-minute corporate video:

  1. You want your videos to be brief and to the point. Your  target audience requires information. Quickly.
  2. Keep your audience’s attention with a stylish, attractive video utilizing high-quality film-making skills. A successful video production does not need  to be a big budget event. Music, great sound and lighting, crisp and clean  images, fast-paced editing in a whiz-bang fashion that suits the image of your organization or business . . . these are the things that will help keep your viewers interested.
  3. Stay relevant, with a clear message. Stay laser focused. Your video should point out how your products or services will solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

Bottom line: leave your audience wanting more.