It’s 2017 and as usual in early February, Toronto companies of all sizes are hitting the ground running launching new marketing campaigns for the opening quarter of the year. Thanks to the winds of change and modern technology, marketing tools and trends today are very different than they were in the past. With so many media platforms available in 2017, the attention span and patience of your audience is limited. Your target customers need to be able to engage your content quickly and understand your message in double time if you are to have any hope in converting them. And no other form of content is as effective in pulling this off as quality video content. Video as an integrated part of your marketing campaign ensures that your target customers will absorb your message in a way that will leave them wanting more.

Statistic – According to Forbes Insight, 50% of executives who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.

If this statistic alone isn’t enough to convince you of the importance of video in your marketing campaign, here are 5 more reasons to make video marketing part of your company’s 2015 New Year’s resolution:

1. Captivating – Nothing holds attention better than a quality video. From animation and motion graphics to real-time demonstrations and interviews… the creative possibilities of video are endless.

2. Accessibility – Video enables you to communicate with your audience in a way that is engaging as well as easy. Whether on social media, YouTube, or on your own website, customers like the idea of a video that tells them exactly what they need to know and which also combines compelling images, narration, and music for a fuller experience.

3. Time Saving – Video has the power to communicate complex ideas in a quick and powerful way. As mentioned earlier, the attention span and patience of your audience is limited (in the social media world in particular). Very few people are willing to give the time of day to read some dry, long-winded case study about how a client saved 15% (or more) by switching car insurance providers. But deliver the same message in a 30 second to one minute online ad that is both amusing and informative and you’ll notice a huge difference in engagement.

4. Cost Effective – Seeking a strong return on investment? Video is the investment for you! When produced properly, video is the next best thing to personal selling and depending on the abilities of an individual sales person, video is often better. Online video has the power to sell people on your products and services on a global scale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You would need a sales force of epic proportions on the level of sci-fi to be able to match this impact.

5. The Power of Storytelling – Customers buy from people and companies they know and trust. Getting to know you better and understanding who you are and why your company does what it does, helps to build trust. When produced properly, video tells your full story in an honest and highly complimentary manner that not only converts more customers but can also allow for your brand to even become iconic in time.

It’s 2017 and with broadband capabilities continuing to increase throughout much of the world, the scene has been set for more exponential growth of video consumption to an ever increasing number of platforms and devices. Video is no longer just some luxury marketing tool in it’s infancy utilized by early adopters. Video marketing is essential NOW. And those who aren’t already on board or who aren’t planning to get on board, will soon come to the realization that their marketing tactics will have been left in the dust of the early 2010’s allowing for your target customers to laugh and say the old cliche … “That’s so 5 years ago”!