Video to drive foot traffic to your trade show booth

So you’re thinking about marketing your products or services at a trade show, conference or expo. You’ve designed your booth, complete with company banners, flyers, brochures and hand outs.

But how will you drive traffic to your exhibit? Video is ideal for the trade show environment.

Image two adjacent booths: a video playing at the booth on the left, no video at the one on the right. Which direction will heads turn? Research shows that a booth with a video gets more attention.

  • A video will increase the amount of time a potential client stays at your booth.
  • A video can remove the discomfort of establishing eye contact and gives your audience a less intimidating environment for them to view your company’s products and services.
  • A video helps to engage attendees who are passively walking past your booth by allowing you to gradually connect with them.
  • A video is also an ideal way to illustrate “before and  after” results.

Set your booth apart from your competition at your next trade show with a video! Enhance your brand. Promote product visibility. Generate excitement about your products/services.