Video Production Strategy in Toronto

Video production, marketing, and advertising requires strategy if you expect to achieve success and ROI with it. In a competitive market like Toronto, video marketing strategy must not be left to chance. Yahoo recently partnered with Nielsen & Hunter Qualitative to research exactly how to make video ads most effective, and their report yielded some strategic insights that should definitely be considered when planing a video marketing campaign in Toronto.

• Mobile alignment: According to Yahoo’s research, video ads must be optimized for screen alignment. In other words, viewing a landscape ad horizontally compared to vertically, can increase brand affinity by 20%. It can also raise purchase intent by 33%. Viewing a portrait ad vertically compared to horizontally can increase brand affinity by 80% and can raise purchase intent by 100%.

• Reaching Millennials: Comedic ads drove a 50% raise in brand familiarity with Millennials, compared to overall viewers. Dramatic/ emotional ads drove a 33% raise in brand affinity with Millennials. And informational ads drove a 31% lift in purchase intent.

• Auto-start native video ads: Compared to user-initiated video, this new research shows auto-start video ads in native environments achieve 51% higher aided recall, 10% higher brand familiarity, and 4% higher affinity.

It’s hard to argue with powerful statistics like this. When planning out your video marketing campaign, it’s important to optimize mobile alignment, target Millennials, and utilize native video ads following the results of this study. Incorporating these into your video production marketing strategy may just give your company the edge it needs to capture attention in the Toronto market and set you aside from your competition.