Talking-head videos are a useful tool in building a brand. An onscreen spokesperson discussing the benefits of your products and services or showing demonstrations on how to properly use them has proven results. Many small or micro sized companies in Toronto are also getting in on the mix of creating regular talking-head video blogs to boost sales. Often times, to save on the cost of hiring onscreen talent, most companies choose a member of their team to be the spokesperson. However, going this route will require you to put in the work of finding the right person for this job.

In addition to developing quality content for your series and choosing a reputed video production company to produce them, it’s equally important that your onscreen spokesperson be good on camera and be a good representative of your brand. If your spokesperson comes off boring or monotoned, your videos probably won’t attract too much attention… no matter how good the content or production value. When choosing an onscreen spokesperson from your office staff, consider more than just one candidate.

Some important traits to look for in choosing your talking-head:

• Comfortable on camera.
• Projects passion and confidence.
• Speaks with varied intonation and natural body language.
• Should be able to improvise (a tasteful sense of humour always helps).
• Sounds intelligent.
• Has noticeable onscreen charisma.

Remember to choose someone genuine that your target customers will relate to. A video spokesperson directly reflects on your brand – whether positively or negatively. When produced properly, a talking-head video series can attract a lot of attention to your brand. Following these little tips in choosing the right video spokesperson can make a noticeable difference in viewer engagement and can possibly even help launch your brand into new levels of success.